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even more retro flavoured havoc in sunway

Even more Retro flavoured Havoc in Sunway

Old school, new school, mixed school and race school… Retro Havoc had it all

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

3 Apr 2019

We’re fortunate to have such a rich and diverse car culture in Malaysia, especially given how prohibitively expensive the cars themselves and go-fast bits can be. Nonetheless, it doesn’t put a damper on things; instead leading to some “creative” thinking to get around exorbitant costs.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and all that aside, Malaysians are a pretty ingenuitive bunch and as with all good builds, form follows function. The end results are some pretty out-the-box thinking that leads to creativity unleashed on the canvas that are the cars.

While we do come across plenty of loads of cool cars and builds on the streets, it’s shows such as Retro Havoc that bring out the best builds under one roof for your automotive hard-on.

There wasn’t any shortage during Retro Havoc 2019 last weekend. From the old school rides with modern takes to new school rides with vintage vibes and everything in between, the show had it all.

Furthermore, Retro Havoc is the most laid back and chilled out car show here. That accolade alone is the reason behind the appearance of all the cool builds.