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maserati levante tows guy on a board into the record books

Maserati Levante tows guy on a board into the record books

Apparently, this isn’t his first time doing things like this despite his physical condition

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

20 Feb 2018

The guy you see in the photo is Jamie Barrow, who is now officially Britain’s fastest dude on a snowboard. He is 25 years of age, was part of the British Snowboard Cross team until a serious back injury forced him to retire. Did it stop him? No.

Apparently, Jamie has been strapping himself to speedy things, like an aeroplane, and going down snow-covered grounds fast. Nearly like Wile E Coyote but not quite; Jamie actually succeeds and comes away unhurt.

His latest record-breaking attempt involves being towed by a Maserati Levante across the frozen lake of St Moritz in Switzerland. It wasn’t his first time across the lake in the same way; he clocked a speed of 99.87kph in February 2016.

With the Maserati’s all-wheel-drive system, shod with Pirelli’s Scorpion Winter studded tyres with 474, 4mm-long studs per tyre, the SUV is always going to be gripper than the vehicle in Jamie’s last attempt. The track also needed to be longer, about 900m in total, for safety regulations required by the Guinness World Records.

To set the record, Jamie had to do the run twice. The first clocked 151.57kph and the return leg clocked 147.72kph. This gave him an average speed of 149.65kph, miles faster than his previous and securing a place in the book.

Inspiring, this.