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malaysian fleet trucks to be connected like no other in the world

Malaysian fleet trucks to be connected like no other in the world

An internal study by Continental Tyre Malaysia found that 58 per cent of fleet trucks run on underinflated tyres

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

10 Apr 2018

It’s not often Malaysia gets a world debut in the automotive world unless it’s a new Proton but Continental Tyre has selected Malaysia as the first stage for its new ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring platform that targets commercial vehicle fleets.

Offering a logical progression from its tyre manufacturing, the 147-year old company has produced an all-in-one solution for fleet managers to monitor the tyres on their trucks from a single website.

All this was deemed necessary due to the internal study by Continental Tyre Malaysia that discovered 58 per cent of commercial fleets in Malaysia had underinflated tyres and these trucks encountered a high percentage of tyre-related breakdowns.

This probably comes as no surprise to Malaysians that see many commercial trucks with flats on roadsides or the carcass of these disintegrated tyres littered all over the road; creating hazards for motorists.

Additionally, it goes without saying that the fleet operators themselves will see a drop in productivity and increase in operational costs.

ContiConnect utilises a variety of sensors and telematics; the new “it” word in fleet management, to help the operators monitor individual tyre’s temperature and pressure.

The Continental sensors are mounted on the tyre’s inner liner and function just like any other tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that relays the information inside the cab to the driver and will sound an alert if certain parameters are breached.

Furthermore, the system will also transmit the information to cloud storage that can be accessed by fleet managers to monitor and hopefully recognise patterns for certain routes that would help the tyre function safely to the maximum of its lifespan whilst maintaining the safety of the driver and other motorists.

If that sounds suspiciously similar to the Perodua tyre-pressure monitoring system announced yesterday, you’re not wrong. Most TPMS function identically with cloud storage and online monitoring being the latest updates to the package.

Results from Continental’s pilot testing in Malaysia and Thailand on over 3,000 tyres linked to the ContiConnect system returned results that showed over 90 per cent of fleet tyres stayed within the safe inflation pressures and overall tyre-related breakdowns were down by 50 per cent. Accordingly, the fleets operators also reported more savings from operational costs.