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smarttag is down but definitely not out with continued support from efkon

SmartTag is down but definitely not out with continued support from Efkon

RFID might be the future but for the time being, you can still buy and service your SmartTag

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

1 Oct 2018

Touch n Go has announced that it’s ceasing sales and support of the SmartTag system as it initiates the initiative towards RFID as the future of toll payment but salvation comes in the form of the Austrian technology provider of the system; Efkon Asia Sdn Bhd, that’s guaranteed the continued sales and service support for the system.

Convenience is a key factor in Efkon Asia’s strategy as it aims to introduce its own sales and service network throughout the country by this month to cater for availability.

Furthermore, more options for SmartTag devices have popped up that gives motorists inceased options. Other brands have launched their own devices with identical functionality to the SmartTag device. This includes MaxTag by Sigma Technology that is already available for purchase on Lazada.

An infrared system in Germany proved to be effective in free-flowing multilane traffic at speeds above 120kph. Efkon Asia has conducted the test here in Malaysia and proven it successful even in our traffic conditions.

Additionally, the Infra-Red DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) System is also effective in preventing cloning. With a track record spanning 13 years and more than four million users, the SmartTag system will continue on for the foreseeable future until the RFID bugs are fixed and Touch N Go discontinues SmartTag as a payment option.