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consider it settled with petronas

Consider it settled with Petronas

“Setel” your fuel and Mesra store purchases via e-payment

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

3 Dec 2018

E-wallets are mushrooming everywhere and understandably, everyone wants a piece of that electronic pie. Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) is the latest and first to introduce one specifically for fueling purposes to simplify the process at a Petronas station.

Setel is the first e-payment solution for fuel purchases directly from mobile devices and a part of PDB’s initiatives to engage start-up communities in co-creating innovative solutions for customers.

A first in the south east Asian region as well, Setel integrates directly to the fuel pumps and allows for fuel purchase with just a few clicks from within the comfort of your vehicle because you know, an app for purchasing fuel didn’t absolve mobile devices from igniting fuel. So remember to get it all done inside your car.

The current process isn’t the most time consuming but it can definitely be made easier. Cash payments require you to walk to the cashier while credit card still mandates swiping it into the pump and then repeating the process with your Mesra card to redeem the points.

“Setel eradicates these pain points and integrates payment and loyalty benefits in a seamless, frictionless experience. At Setel, we settle for you,” said Iskandar Ezzahuddin, head of Setel.

Using the app that’s available on Android and iOS platforms via Google Play and App Store, you can transfer money over via online banking into the e-wallet or easily link a credit/debit card to handle payment.

Setel marks the more than 40 stations within the Klang Valley that currently supports the app and syncs with your navigation to direct you to the nearest one. When at the station, just tap the “Purchase Petrol” tab, select your pump number and amount, enter your six-digit PIN number and start filling. It’s pretty simple though (disclaimer) we’ve yet to try it out ourselves.

“Since our beta-launch in July 2018, we have received many positive responses and feedback from the over 10,000 users in our current pool. We also received overwhelming response from visitors at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2018 held last week,” added Iskandar.

PDB are hoping to extend Setel to 600 stations by June 2019 and is expected to go nationwide by the end of 2019. For now, the app is limited to just fuel purchases but customers would be able to purchase items at the Mesra stores beginning January 2019.