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you can finally reload your touch n go card with the e wallet app

You can finally reload your Touch n’ Go card with the e-wallet app

Touch n’ Go joins the 21st century and includes auto-reloads as well

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

10 Dec 2018

The biggest hassle with Touch n’ Go cards is the need to manually reload them; tapping it on a sensor to have the amount reloaded registered into the card. It’s not the most convenient way towards a cashless society but fortunately for us all, Touch n’ Go has finally caught up with times and rectified the issue.

You’re now allowed to sync three separate Touch n’ Go cards to their e-wallet app and whenever utilised, the amount will be deducted from the e-wallet. If the balance in the app isn’t sufficient, the amount will then be subtracted from the value within the card itself.

However, function is still very much within its testing phase and can only be applied at toll booths along the Duke highway for now.

You can also now rest easy knowing you don’t have to reload the e-wallet manually as an auto-reload feature has been introduced. For now, it’s only applicable with a credit card although no surcharge will be applied.

Just open the app and select the auto-reload option. You have to enter your credit card details and select the minimum amount before the auto-reload kicks in. The lowest amount is RM20. Of course, you can even select the amount of the reload that ranges from RM20 to RM250.