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braap braap new supra sounds pops and crackles

Braap, braap, new Supra sounds, pops and crackles

Another day, another Supra teaser… this time the exhaust note and Toyota’s disrespect for the internet by blurring out the car because we obviously have no inkling what it looks like

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

20 Dec 2018

At this rate, we won’t even be mad if Toyota ultimately admits there’s no real new Supra and the entire saga of teasing it spanning years was just a gimmick to tug on the fragile heartstrings of those yearning for a replacement demigod. Remember, you read it here first if that’s the case.

Either way, said saga continues with a little tease of the BMW-sourced straight-six acoustics that Toyota reportedly bent over backwards to ensure it was distinctively dissimilar from new Z4 and other Bimmers sharing the mill.

Dropping a straight-six in the new Supra was non-negotiable for the Toyota engineers and we concurred but the head-scratcher was that Munich would be supplying it. No biggie, BMW do make some sweet sounding sixes and the magical Japanese touch should amplify the aural pleasure.

Tragically though, Toyota opted to blur out the car in the video because heaven forbid we actually find out what the production car will look like.

This is a different beast altogether and comparisons are unjust but our deteriorating hearing does detect the lack of those deeper notes from a 2JZ being given the full beans. Nonetheless, it’s a raspy sounding straight-six and with a higher pitch and plenty of the pops and crackles that have come to define performance cars in this age.

Unfortunately; or fortunately depending on your point of view, it does bear more than a striking resemblance to the M2 Competition and other BMWs running the B58 engine.

Seeing how tuner friendly the base engine is, expect larger turbos, louder exhausts and atmospheric-vented blow-off valves to unleash the full aural capabilities of the new Supra.

Till then, we can only wonder what the final production car will look like since they blurred out the video.

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