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carriage for her is the ladies only coach of ride hailing services

Carriage for Her is the ladies-only coach of ride-hailing services

Because no ladies want to get into a car late at night with a strange man behind the wheel

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

22 Dec 2018

The top complaint about getting into a taxi with a male driver at the steering wheel was that they can get creepy, at times, especially when they start asking personal questions. And although the ride-hailing male drivers are miles more polite, it can still get weird at times. Now, women who need a ride home have another alternative, called Carriage for Her.

In the centre of the taxi driver debate in our country, a ride-hailing service known as Carriage for Her quietly started operations to serve women and women only. The idea of a ride-hailing platform explicitly catered for women came when Nick Smith discovered that 60 per cent of these users is made up of the female gender. Nearly every lady that Smith interviewed had admitted that they feel unsafe and would prefer a female driver pick them up instead. Thus, the idea for the service is born!

Although Carriage for Her is strictly a women-only service, men can come onboard only if they are chaperoned by a lady friend and only the driver allows it. Yes, she has to notify the driver of the male passenger's presence, and the driver has the option to accept or reject the request.

Carriage for Her is not just here to provide ladies with an ease of mind, the business also aims to provide additional income opportunities for women in the country. The service welcomes working women, stay-at-home mums, freelancers and more to join their network of drivers. The service works on a system known as the Carriage Variable Fare Split System that allows the ladies to earn more commission the more they drive. 

In addition to that, Carriage also offers special incentives for drivers when they refer a new driver into the network. Every successful driver sign-up will allow existing drivers to earn up to 100 per cent commission on their trips. 

If this is not enough to set this app apart from the rest, then here’s one thing that other apps do not offer: an SOS button. Yes, Carriage has an SOS button and emergency contacts software built into the app. The emergency button is available for both passengers and drivers to ensure the security of both sides. This is will also allow the ladies to get help the moment they run into trouble. 

Carriage for Her is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you're a guy, share this story with your lady friend. If you're a lady, then what are you waiting for?
Contributed by Bell Leong