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perodua s suv just might have a rush for cannibalism in its appetite

Perodua’s SUV just might have a rush for cannibalism in its appetite

The Aruz will be based on the Toyota Rush, pack pretty much the same features yet be priced lower than the Toyota it contracts assemble in the same factory

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

2 Jan 2019

SUVs are the shiznit right now. Everyone wants one and carmakers are tripping over their bags of cash doling them out. While Perodua did carry a couple in its portfolio years back, the demand then paled to the voracious appetite of buyers now and it’s about to launch a new SUV that’s going to place it in a bit of a tricky situation.

You see, the Perodua Aruz (replacing the S with a Z was only cool in school) will be based on the Toyota Rush and share more than a few similarities with the Rush that’s also sold here and contract assembled at Perodua’s plant.

The three-row, seven-seater Aruz will come in two trims; X and AV. Cosmetics and equipment count appear to be on the generous side. LED headlamps, second-row air-conditioning vents, keyless entry and start, charging ports for all rows, built-in Touch n’ Go reader, six airbags, reverse camera and 17-inch wheels. Setting the AV apart is leather upholstery, HDMI input and a dashcam.

Just like the Rush, the flagship variant AV will pack active safety dubbed the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0. Everything’s identical to the system in the Myvi Advance but with the addition of pedestrian detection.

Power is expected to come from the familiar 1.5-litre 2NR Dual VVT-i from the Rush. Expect the same four-speed automatic to carry over together with outputs in the ballpark of 103hp and 136Nm found in the Toyota. Expect a similar fuel consumption of 15.6km/l; aided by eco-idle, like the Rush to qualify for EEV incentives.

Of course, Perodua took the liberty to redesign the front end of the Aruz with a grille that better blends in with the headlights and distinctive LED DRLs.

Seeing that the Rush is priced from RM93,000, it’s a given that even the Aruz AV will be priced lower and some are whispering figures in the RM70,000 range.

Some form of cannibalism is certainly on the menu if that estimated price does prove to be on the ball as Perodua contract assembles the Rush alongside the Aruz under the same roof. We’re just wondering how excited Toyota is about the main course.