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bmw s new easy drive makes it easier to own a bimmer

BMW's new Easy Drive makes it easier to own a Bimmer

BMW Malaysia’s latest financial plan also guarantees future resale value. Cool

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

20 Feb 2019

If buying a 5-Series, 3-Series or even a 1-Series seem like a tall order, then BMW Group Financial Services have made it a whole lot easier to purchase one. Called Easy Drive, this new financial plan let you choose how you want to pay for your new car, unlike the traditional Hire Purchase that enables the bank to dictate how much you must pay each month for your vehicle.

The choices offered seem flexible enough. You first choose your downpayment, which is between 10% to 30%. Then you select if you want to loan repayment to be completed within three or four years, and if you're going to drive 20,000k or 25,000 a year. BMW will crunch these numbers to give you the monthly instalment and the Guaranteed Future Value of your car, the latter is also the sum of your final payment.

At the term’s end, you can choose one of four things to do - trade in and upgrade, return the car to BMW in the end, pay the final amount to make it yours or extend the contract to enjoy the car for longer.

If that is not enough, you could upgrade the Easy Drive to Easy Drive Prime for by paying an additional RM110 to your monthly instalment. For this, you’ll get two years of interior and exterior car care and the Premium Mobility package that comes with a Smart Tag and Touch ’n Go. Also included is a three-year Ultimate Protection Programme Elite coverage that insures you and your car against annoyances such as scratch and dent, damaged rims and flood. 

What else? Well, your ownership experience also extends to BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline, BMW Service Online and the BMW Group Loyalty+ app that allows fast access to your contract overview with an e-payment interface.

Although this plan doesn’t make the cars cheaper, it is indeed more feasible to buy and enjoy a BMW now. 

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