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the moderation in rubbin is racing

The moderation in “Rubbin’ is racing”

You’ve heard the saying, “If you ain’t rubbin’, you ain’t racing” but what happens if you rub too hard?

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

27 Feb 2019

Crashes and carnage… that’s what happens. The Toyota Vios Challenge runs on tight, street-based circuit that are closer to the Macau and Monaco Grand Prix races and that always translates to literal door-to-door racing.
The saying “If you ain’t rubbin’, you ain’t racing” implies that some minor trading of paint is a necessary evil of racing and the claustrophobic street circuits in the series so far has delivered plenty of contact between machines but Round 3 of Season 2 in Batu Kawan, Penang, was a harsh reminder of what happens when you rub too hard (juvenile jokes).

Super Sporting – Race 1

Championship leader Boy Wong proved once again why he was leading the pack with victory in Race 1 ahead of Team Dream Chaser’s Brendan Paul Anthony and Team Nanoplus’s Keifli Othman.

Boy started on pole, capitalising on it to make a clean exit of Turn 1 and avoid the bottleneck mess behind him that saw two retirements. Brendan and Kegani Racing Team’s Kenny Lee were jostling for second, turning in side by side. Lee was squeezed into the wall and rebounded right in the path of teammate William Ho; ending both their races.

This saw Keifli and Eddie Liew move up into third and fourth positions with Laser Motor Racing’s Alif Mohamed Hamdan in fifth.

Keifli was elated with third spot as contact with the wall during official practice the day before saw him nursing a damaged car from the middle of the grid.

Promotional – Race 1

With experience and determination on her side, actress Diana Danielle won the first race to finish ahead of comedian Nabil Ahmad and singer Akim Ahmad. The race itself ended behind the safety car after a couple of incidents on track.

Diana also started on pole and made tidy work of Turn 1 with Nabil, Aiman Tino, Akim and Khai Bahar in hot pursuit. Unfazed by the chasing pack, she stretched her lead to 1.9-seconds on the second lap but that was erased with the safety car’s first excursion for seven laps.

As the race continued, Diana and Nabil locked horns once again to leave the chasing pack behind by 7.5-seconds. The duo pushed their cars to the absolute limit, brushing the concrete barriers on multiple occasions but escaping with mostly cosmetic damage.

However, Nabila Razali’s handshake with the wall was a little too firm and the safety car was out until the chequered flag as her car was recovered from the circuit, ensuring Diana’s victory.

Sporting – Race 1

It was pure carnage in Race 1 of the Sporting Class as the top five were knocked out within the first two corners on lap seven as some drivers learnt that rubbing too hard means you won’t be racing anymore.

Brendon Lim on pole maintained his lead but had one eye on his rear-view mirror with Kenneth Koh, 15-year-old Hayden Haikal, Datuk Ken Foo and Shukri Yahaya hot on his heels. Paint was exchanged liberally; perhaps a little too generously.

The contact finally hit the tipping point as Kenneth made a move on Brendon twice, the second on lap seven that sent the latter into the wall and fired up the chain reaction of crashes. As Hayden, Foo and Shukri moved into the top three, they jostled for position before the next turn but the unrelenting Shukri nudged Ken’s car into the barrier, causing it to ricochet back across the track and wipe out Hayden in the process.

Naturally, the safety car was deployed and Distinctive Model’s Clement Yeo was right behind it, promoted to the top from sixth. Team Nanoplus driver Patrick Tam and ST Wangan Racing Team’s Eric Yong completed the podium.