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and the champions are crowned

… and the champions are crowned

Boy Wong, Brendon Lim and Diana Danielle drive home champions in their respective classes

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

30 Apr 2019

A season done, champions crowned and new vehicles in the wing. The second season of the Vios Challenge drew to a close with the crowning of three new champions in their classes; Boy Wong in Super Sporting, Brendon Lim in Sporting and Diana Danielle in Promotional.

Super Sporting – Race 2

William Ho of Kegani Racing lead from start to finish of Race 2 but he was made to work for the win as Team Nanoplus driver Eddie Liew in second and Laser Motor Racing’s Alif Hamdan in a close third place was on his taillights for the whole 20 laps.

The battle for the lead was intense from start to finish as Ho was unable to pull away from the chasing pack of Team Nanoplus drivers Keifli Othman and Eddie. Keifli and Eddie themselves had a friendly contest among teammates for placebut Liew found a way around the former to claim second place.

“I wasn’t driving all out in order to conserve the tyres to the end of the race, and thankfully that strategy prevailed,” said Ho.

While Keifli and Eddie traded barbs at the front, Laser Motor Racing’s Alif was consistently getting faster every lap and would soon dispose of Keifli for third place. Alif’s challenge for second place however, did not come until the very last lap but Eddie kept his cool and crossed the finish line second, 2.4-seconds behind the race winner.

William Ho - Kegani Racing
Eddie Liew - Team Nanoplus
Alif Hamdan - Laser Motor Racing
Keifli Othman - Team Nanoplus
Freddie Ang - Telagamas Toyota

Boy Wong - ST Wangan Racing : 95 points
William Ho - Kegani Racing : 86 points
Brendan Paul Anthony - Dream Chaser : 73 points
Keifli Othman - Team Nanoplus : 67 points
Syafiq Ali - M7 Racing Team : 65points

Sporting – Race 2

Tedco Racing’s Brendon Lim had the perfect finish as he claimed his first victory of the season enroute to claiming the overall title as well. Brendon was in commanding form as he won the race with an 11-second gap over Eric Yong of ST Wangan Racing who finished Race 1 in third.

“I’ve had a very challenging season with several misfortunes, technical problems and collisions and I told myself that I needed at least one race win before the season comes to a close. Thankfully, that came true today,” said Lim.

Third was Kulim Top Wheels’ Datuk Ken Foo who held back a last-minute challenge from storming 14-year old Hayden Haikal that started in sixth after winning yesterday’s Race 1.

Brendon Lim - Tedco Racing
Eric Yong - ST Wangan Racing Team
Datuk Ken Foo - Kulim Top Wheels
Hayden Haikal - Prodigy Racing
Kenneth Koh - Panglima City Racing Team

Brendon Lim - Tedco Racing : 86 points
Eric Yong - ST Wangan Racing Team : 85 points
Kenneth Koh - Panglima City Racing Team : 81 points
Patrick Tam - Team Nanoplus : 68 points
Datuk Ken Foo - Kulim Top Wheels : 56 points

Promotional – Race 2

In the Promotional Class for celebrities, it was a series of firsts for the top three. Singer Khai Bahar raced to his first ever race victory of the season, with fellow singer Wany Hasrita and UMW Toyota Motor Deputy Chairman Akio Takeyama making their maiden appearances on the winner’s podium in second and third respectively.

“To find myself leading the race and eventually winning is absolutely unreal and to be honest I was really nervous,” said Khai.

Khai Bahar
Wany Hasrita
Akio Takeyama
Aiman Tino
Akim Ahmad

Diana Danielle - 100 points
Aiman Tino - 94 points
Akim Ahmad - 92 points
Nabil Ahmad - 80 points
Wany Hasrita - 63 points