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the toyo proxes tr1 is the un holy union between proxes t1r and proxes sport

The Toyo Proxes TR1 is the (un)holy union between Proxes T1R and Proxes Sport

Best news of all, the prices are quite pocket-friendly

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

7 May 2019

What’s odd about the making of the new Toyo Proxes TR1 is how the Japanese tyre maker puts emphasis on the tyre’s aggressive tread pattern. Sure, the ‘slashed’ grooves on the tyre make the tyre look fast even when stationary. Is this asymmetric-tread tyre just for looks? Assuringly, no, because it is really two tyres in one.

The whole point of the Proxies TR1 isn’t just to look good but to be the tyre that one can use every day and still perform on the racetrack. To have their cake and also eat it, Toyo Tires decided to take the Proxes T1R and the Proxes Sport, split each right down the middle, then combine each other’s halves to create the new Proxes TR1 in the most mad-scientist kind of way. 

The inside of the tyre is inspired by the Proxes T1R, but it isn’t just for its aggressive design. The slanted grooves and the open lateral slit that are closer to the wall is designed to evacuate water from the tyre. 

On the other side, the Proxes Sport form the base of the TR1’s outer half. Devoid of any ‘aggressiveness’ the grooves of the tyre has the enviable function of draining water and providing grip with stability during cornering. 

Besides wet-driving performance, the TR1’s super active polymer and high silica content reduce the tyre’s rolling resistance. Spiral wound cap ply, high-tensile steel belts and high-hardness bead filler are part of the bones that make up Toyo Tires’ latest rubber.

When tested side-by-side with the T1R, the TR1 shows improvements on wet handling, wet braking, comfort and rolling resistance. Wear life, dry braking and dry handling remain similar to the tyre’s predecessor. 

Perhaps the best news of them all is the price that makes the cheapskates in us rejoice. Prices start from RM199 to RM800 per piece. The Proxes TR1 fits wheels of 15” right up to 19” and comes in a total of 24 sizes.

With the weather becoming very unpredictable, maybe swapping the current set to the Proxes TR1, which is better in the wet, would be the most logical thing to do.