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parkeasy bmw and shell team up to help you reserve parking bays in malls

ParkEasy, BMW and Shell team up to help you reserve parking bays in malls

Some bays equipped with charging setups for PHEVs but is open to all users of the app

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

13 Jun 2019

Finding parking in most malls over the weekend can be as painful as childbirth. If the men reading this can’t comprehend, try thinking along the lines of getting a kick between your legs for a rough idea. Most malls have dedicated bays for women or families but again, they’re subject to availability.

Now imagine if you could actually book a dedicated, reserved bay specifically for you? That’s exactly what ParkEasy aims to deliver and is joining hands with BMW as well as Shell to improve the customer’s experience in these bays.

The Reserve + Shell Recharge bays were first unveiled at Sunway Pyramid and are located on level CP2 within the Preferred Parking section that can be accessed for additional costs over the regular parking fees.

These bays can be reserved via the ParkEasy app (available on iOS from the App Store and on Android from the Play Store) for an hour before you make your way over.

You’ll need to have the app on your phone and purchase credits. Then you can check the availability of the reserved bays at the location of your choice and reserve one for a certain amount of credits. The minimum buys you an hour to get your vehicle to the assigned bay.

Once in front of the bay, you confirm it on the app and the automated barrier will fold down on your specific bay. However, not all the Reserve + Shell Recharge bays are equipped with BMW’s i Wallbox charging setup. The bays with the charging box will incur extra charges over the regular ones and are marked in the app.

Credits can be reloaded in denominations of 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 200 credits with a credit the equivalent of RM1.

Most importantly for those wondering, non plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are completely eligible to use the bays with the charging boxes as the app’s priority is for reserving parking bays with the charging setup a value-added service.

Bear in mind that you still will have to pay for your regular parking charges as stated on the gantry as you enter the mall’s parking lot. That means you’ll be charged on the app for reserving the bay as well as the duration parked there in addition to the regular parking charges by the mall.

The Sunway Pyramid location currently comprises five charging bays. In the name of sustainability, Sunway Group has 10 bays in total with charging boxes across three locations with three at Sunway Pinnacle and two in Sunway Velocity.

BMW Malaysia adds that the i Wallbox Plus has scalable outputs up to 32A three-phase at 22 kW but are configured to 3.7 kW (single phase 16A) for the Reserve + Shell Recharge bays. The add that BMW PHEV owners will exclusive BMW privileges at the bays starting July; including an e-starter pack for new owners and an e-gift card for existing owners.

Other locations available on the app are Quill City Mall, TNB Jalan Timur, IOI City Mall, Ativo Plaza, Shaftsbury Square and Khind (Mistral).

If you’re going to give the app a try, enter BMWMY to redeem five credits though the promo code is limited to the first 2,000 downloads.