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watch sabine schmitz prove why she s the queen of the ring

Watch Sabine Schmitz prove why she’s the Queen of the ‘Ring

Sabine keeps the E39 M5 Ring Taxi with a full load of passengers ahead of a 996 911 GT3

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

26 Jun 2019

This is an oldie but a goodie. Some of our favourite Nurburgring videos come from eager and potentially ego-fueled drivers with more money than skills trying to score internet points and bragging rights by taking on lesser cars.

Alright, so perhaps the BMW E39 M5 isn’t a “lesser car” but against a 996-generation Porsche 911 GT3 it’s going to be lacking… unless Sabine Schmitz is driving the sedan. Sabine is the undisputed Queen of the ‘Ring and also an accomplished racing driver as well as former television presenter with Top Gear.

She was also the pilot of BMW’s Ring Taxi in the early 2000s and always gave 101 per cent when taking a full load of passengers for a lap. Her many laps around the Green Hell in the Ring Taxi gave her intimate knowledge of the 21km circuit.

This doesn’t stop drivers from trying to keep up with the Ring Taxi and although many have tried, more so have probably failed; as this GT3 driver did.

Even in a sedan filled with passengers, Sabine gaps the GT3 a few times before traffic finally gets in the way. You can see her wrestling with the M5 as the less-than-ideal weight balance has it sliding all over struggling for grip.

Sabine though shows why she’s the Queen of the ‘Ring and also why the E39 M5 is one of the greatest BMW M machines ever.