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hks builds the third 2jz powered a90 supra for no one better taniguchi

HKS builds the third 2JZ-powered A90 Supra for “No One Better” Taniguchi

The 700hp Supra will be making its debut at Goodwood hill next week

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

1 Jul 2019

The ink has barely dried on the order forms for the first batch of Toyota Supra A90s and yet it seems the aftermarket is already saturated with 2JZ-swapped versions of the car instead of the original BMW-sourced twin-turbo straight-six.

After Daigo Saito revealed his 2JZ-powered A90 Supra, Masato Kawabata and Toyo Tires followed suit with the second one and now renowned Japanese tuner HKS makes it a threesome with their own machine for Nobuteru “No One Better” Taniguchi.

Not that we’re complaining about the 2JZ swaps but in all honesty, for the new A90 Supra to even come close to replicating the success of its predecessor in the aftermarket, development on the BMW-sourced B58B30 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six needs needs to be prioritised.

HKS isn’t new to the 2JZ-swapped A90 game as it played a fundamental part in the development of Saito and Kawabata’s machines. The HKS machine will debut at next weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed with Taniguchi behind the wheel.

The formula is pretty similar to the other builds. A HKS 3.4-litre stroker kit increases displacement while a HKS GTIII-4R turbo shoves air in above the atmospheric pressure for a fairly conservative 700hp to slay the super sticky Yokohama Advan A052 tyres on Advan GT Racing wheels. Sending power to the rear wheels is a Samsonas sequential transmission.

Of course, the car rides on HKS hipermax dampers with a Wisefab kit underneath for optimised suspension geometry and more steering angle. Taniguchi himself sits in a Bride bucket seat and grasps onto a Nardi dished steering wheel.

Keeping the wide wheel and tyre combo under the fenders is a widebody conversion with a huge GT wing at the rear for downforce.

A 2JZ-swapped A90 Supra isn’t going to lose its appeal but what we’d really like to see is some of the tuners working on the original BMW engine as it has plenty of potential on its own.