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isuzu wants to know how much mileage you ve clocked on your d max

Isuzu wants to know how much mileage you’ve clocked on your D-Max

The Super Mileage Challenge wants to reward D-Max owners that’ve crossed the 200,000km mark

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

1 Jul 2019

If you own an Isuzu D-Max and you’ve clocked in over 200,000km on your pick-up, Isuzu Malaysia wants to hear from you and possibly reward you under the Super Mileage Challenge.

It’s ridiculously simple to submit your application. The only entry requirement is the aforementioned mileage exceeding 200,000km. The contest is open to both individual and corporate owners and entries must be submitted by 31 July 2019.

Head to the Isuzu Malaysia website here to enter your details. A couple of photos of you with your beloved D-Max and the odometer’s mileage is required. A weekly leaderboard on the website displays the top 20 entrants in random order until the end of the challenge.

At the end, owners with the highest verified mileage will take home prizes totalling more than RM38,888; including the RM15,000 grand prize.

“Most Isuzu users are generally high mileage drivers, reaping the benefits of their vehicle’s low running cost and dependable performance. It is not unusual for many of them to clock hundreds of kilometers per week. We are keen to meet such owners to learn just how their Isuzu trucks have supported them in their commutes,” said Masayuki Suzuki, Chief Operating Officer of Isuzu Malaysia.

You can head on to the Isuzu Malaysia site here or their Facebook page.