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volkswagen id r whoops a formula one car to take the goodwood hill climb record

Volkswagen ID.R whoops a Formula One car to take the Goodwood hill climb record

Tweaks to the electric ID.R helps it smash the 40-second barrier

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

8 Jul 2019

The words “Volkwagen ID.R” and “sets new record” are pretty synonymous these days and once again, we’re forced to combine them as the electric rocket on wheels snatches the overall Goodwood hill climb record from a Formula One car that stood for two decades.

Nick Heidfeld’s record in a McLaren-Mercedes MP4/13 Formula One was finally pummeled by Romain Dumas in the electric over the weekend as it dipped below the magical 40-second mark in the process.

Volkswagen returned to the iconic Goodwood House and its 1.86km driveway with a number of upgrades following an unsuccessful attempt in 2018. Part of the enhancements included a smaller battery pack to dip below the 1,000kg mark and aero tweaks such as dismissing the drag reduction system. Bridgestone also worked on new stickier rubbers for more traction.

Just like Hannibal Smith from “The A-Team,” everyone loves it when a plan comes together and this time the ID.R did a 41.18-second run on Friday before breaching the 40-second mark with a 39.90-second run.

Modern Formula One cars have been exempted from hill climb competition on safety grounds and hence, once could quite possibly regain the record if allowed to run but it’s always a headline-grabber when something goes quicker than a Formula One car and today, that good feeling is felt all around the Volkswagen tent at Goodwood.