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honda malaysia sells 10 000th ckd hybrid celebrates with man and daughter

Honda Malaysia sells 10,000th CKD Hybrid, celebrates with man and daughter

The new owner takes home more than just certificates, handshakes and photo ops

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

10 Jul 2019

While it may not look like it, Honda Malaysia had glued together 10,000 hybrid units in their Pegoh Plant in Alor Gajah since the introduction of a very green Jazz Hybrid back in 2012. Back then, Honda Malaysia was the first non-national manufacturer to produce a hybrid vehicle on our soil, making Malaysia the third country in the world to do so after Japan and the USA.

Of the 10,000, it is the Jazz Hybrid that sold the most with over 6,000 units released. Next, in line, the City Hybrid managed to put 3,400 cars on the road. Despite the baby of the bunch, the HR-V Hybrid has sold over 670 units as of June 2019. All in all, it isn’t a bad achievement at all, considering that most are still wary about hybrid technology.

To make this moment momentous, Honda Malaysia and Macinda Auto Sdn. Bhd., presented the 10,000th Honda Hybrid, which just so happens to be a Honda City Hybrid, to one Mr. Saddam Hassan.

“This is such a pleasant surprise for me, and it is an honour to be the 10,000th Honda CKD Hybrid owner in Malaysia,” said Mr. Hassan. He continued to say that the City Hybrid is perfect for his family as the B-segment sedan is spacious. He is also impressed by the Hybrid’s performance, fuel efficiency and safety features. 

The event isn’t just all for certificates, handshakes and photo opportunity. Mr. Hassan’s Honda City Hybrid came with a Protection Package that includes Ultra Body Coating, Ultra Window Coating and Wheel Lock Nut. On top of that, his City Hybrid will cruise around the, err, city, wearing the Modulo body kit — a complimentary token of appreciation from Honda Malaysia.

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