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the ferrari collection is back

The Ferrari Collection is back

Eight Ferrari scale models plus a hauler truck completes this year’s collection

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

11 Jul 2019

Every so often, Shell Malaysia releases pretty cool Ferrari collectables and they are at it again this year. The Ferrari collection for 2019 consists of eight Ferrari scale models. Just as with the group that came before, this year’s eight are picked for their significance to the brand… where there any insignificant Ferrari? 

For 2019, each of the cars represents an extraordinary decade in Ferrari’s history, starting in the 1950s with the Ferrari Testa Rossa right to last year’s Formula One car, the Ferrari SF71H. Besides the car, Shell Malaysia is also offering a hauler truck painted in Ferrari Red that can be used to display the collection.

The collection is available from 1 July and up to 8 September 2019 with two models released every fortnight. Each model costs RM15.90 and can only be purchased when you spend a minimum of RM30 of Shell fuel on a single receipt. As for the truck, it is free with every Shell Helix Ultra 4L or purchase for RM99.90.

If you want the full experience, complete with galleries and dioramas, then watch out for the roadshows that will be popping up in malls across the country. Details are on Shell’s website. By the way, did we mention that this a limited-edition collection?