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herbie and the hot bug sell like hot cakes

Herbie and the Hot Bug sell like hot cakes

12.00am, 12 December 2017 : 12 VW Beetles for sale on Lazada – 12.20am, 12 December 2017 : 0 VW Beetles for sale on Lazada

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

12 Dec 2017

That’s right, 20 minutes was all it took for the 12 units of limited edition Volkswagen Beetles to be sold on Lazada. If you’re wondering, the first one was sold in just 26 seconds; basically the amount of time you took to read this.

In conjunction with Lazada’s Online Revolution mega-sale that runs until 14 December 2017, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) listed 12 units the limited edition Beetle at a special price of RM112,112, which is a staggering 18 per cent off the retail price.

However, nobody expected all 12 units to be swept up in just 20 minutes the moment they went on sale, making what VPCM claims to be industry history. To all of you that saved the Beetle to your wish list and thought you could log in at work around 8.00am and buy one, our condolences.

The 12 units were split equally between the three variants that comprised the Pure White Herbie 53, White Silver Herbie 53 and Hot Bug in Tornado Red.

Customers had to purchase an exclusive welcome kit for RM5,000 on Lazada to secure the car, following which a representative will get in touch with them to arrange for the paperwork to be finalised at an outlet of their convenience.

“We are delighted to have really pushed boundaries and made history with this collaboration – to be able to sell 12 cars within such a short period of time is amazing. This truly is a testament of how receptive Malaysians are when it comes to online purchasing,” said Erik Winter, Managing Director of VPCM.