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About Us


Behind the Wheel is Malaysia’s alternative motoring website that refuses to just focus on the motoring-related news and new vehicle reviews. We also refuse to cater to just motoring enthusiasts but aim to appeal to a broad spectrum of people who simply love the freedom to move around. Who doesn’t?

So, we won’t just focus on four-wheel vehicles but also motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trains, airplanes, skateboards, personal mobility devices… basically, we’ll get behind anything that has a wheel. When the opportunity arises, we will also be above the wheel, beside the wheel and around the wheel. We won’t go below the wheel because that might hurt. A little.

Behind the Wheel (or BtW as we’d like to call it) offers a smooth blend of smashing long-reads, super road trips and trippy reviews that should finish by the time you’re done with Number 2. You’ll also get knowledge that you didn’t need to know but should. All for a low price of RM0; that’s value.

Let’s get cracking.