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this mitsubishi evolution viii evolved in bangkok

This Mitsubishi Evolution VIII evolved in Bangkok

The lengths he went through to make this Evo VIII uniquely his deserves your attention

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

6 Apr 2018

You don’t need to be a greased-up motorhead to know that this 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII has gone through a serious boot camp to come out looking like this. The boot camp in question isn’t your typical backyard garage nor it is even in our ‘backyard’.

In fact, to get this Mitsubishi Evolution VIII to look the way it does now, you need to go north, past the border, into Thailand and head to Evo Shop in Bangkok. And that is exactly what the owner did.

Usually, great ideas come from the simplest of concepts and reasons. His concept and reason for the EVO VIII is to have a road-legal track car just because he has wanted one since he was a wee lad. While it may be the reason may not be complicated, the build of the car is.

For starters, the body gets dressed up with Voltex Time Attack aero kit with Voltex carbon fibre bonnet. Also made from carbon fibre is the rear spoiler. Varis was chosen to replace the standard boot lid. Two pairs of 18-inch Volk Racing CE28 completes this Evo’s track style.

Eight Defi gauges capture your attention as you enter this Evo, and that’s just the start of a dramatic interior. There are plenty of gauges and computers, including the Apexi Imamura RSM and two Defi ZDs, to look at that one wonders how the owner processes all the information.

Not all gauges and computers, the interior also gets cosmetic changes. Carbon fibre trimming aside, this Evo features a Ralliart gear knob and a Tommi Makinen Edition steering wheel that costs RM13,000. Wow!

The most important bits, though, are found in front. Open the carbon fibre bonnet and you’ll be greeted with a maze of pipes – some leading into the engine block, some leading into the exhausts. Among the jumble, you’ll find a G4+ Link management, Tomei 2.3 stroker kit, Cometic gasket, GTX turbo, HKS 272 cams, 1,350cc dynamic injectors, HKS intercooler and HPI alloy pipes. The list is indeed longer than that. 

It took the Evo Shop Bangkok six months to complete the build with a cost of RM90,000. Still, it is a small price to pay to make real a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII that once only lived in your imagination. 

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