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5 pearls of wisdom for a pleasant journey back to your hometown for the chinese new year

5 pearls of wisdom for a pleasant journey back to your hometown for the Chinese New Year

This isn’t your usual ‘balik kampung’ tips because it involves much more than just checking the tyre pressure

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

29 Jan 2019

Part and parcel about going back to your hometown for the Chinese New Year is sitting through hours upon hours of traffic. The journey that would usually take two hours on regular days will take six hours, if you’re lucky to somehow encounter 'light' traffic. 

While some have decided to make the journey home in the wee hours in the morning to avoid the traffic, others don’t have the luxury of time. So, for those who will have to wade through traffic, we have some suggestions that might make your journey more comfortable. And have you reach home in time for the reunion dinner with nothing but smiles.

Don’t quarrel with your partner/spouse before leaving the house.
A total of zero people wants to have an unpleasant trip, especially when there’s a huge possibility that you’ll be stuck with the person in the same car for more than six hours. So settle all differences and arguments before even opening the car door. Kiss and make up, and you’ll make the journey better.

Bring one more power bank.
This isn’t such a big deal if your car has more than four USB ports, but since most cars come only with one, you might want to bring along a spare power bank in addition to your regular power bank. In fact, take three power banks with you because you’ll never know how long or how lost your journey might be. And having a fully charged smartphone is infinitely useful.

The driver gets a say on the music selection.
Driving on the highway, especially when traffic is heavy can make you, the driver, drowsy. Music can help the driver stay awake, especially music that one can sing along to. So it is only right that whoever is behind the wheel get to pick the playlist. The rest can either join in or tune out. 

Head to the toilet before heading out, even if you don’t feel like it.
You may know the distance to the next rest stop, but you’ll never know how long it will take. Depending on the traffic, what would have been a 15-minute drive turns out to be a 45-minute wait; and this isn’t counting the long line into the restrooms. So, go to the toilet before heading out.

Stay hydrated. Don’t drink water, EAT it!
There’s nothing more exciting, intense and anxious as driving in traffic than feeling your bladders getting full every time you drink any fluids. Instead of drinking, try ‘eating’ water instead. Many fruits contain water that is better at rehydrating the body than drinking water, which passes through your system quickly and accumulate in your bladder. Not a good thing. Watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes have high water content, and have extra vitamins and minerals for nourishment. Give this a try, it works!

There you have it. We hope you will plan ahead and have a safe journey home.
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