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another 5 things you can do that ll make you a better driver in 2019

Another 5 things you can do that’ll make you a better driver in 2019

It's not about what the other driver can do for you, it's about what you can do for the other driver

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

31 Jan 2019

The fact remains that there’s much more we can do to be considerate on the road. Good on you if you’ve decided to practise one of the five suggestion in our previous post. If you have already adapted that into your daily driving, good on you! And if you want more ideas on how to have better road manners, here are five more good driving habits to adopt. 

1. Don’t hog the road! Keep the right lane for overtaking

Look, it’s effortless. You drive on the left lane if you have time and want to take it slow. You drive on the middle path when you want to get to your destination in good time but keep under the speed limit. You drive on the right lane when you need to overtake. And if there’s someone faster than you on the right path, give way. He may just have a genuine emergency and must rush to the destination.

2. Don’t use the highway emergency lanes if you don’t have an emergency

The emergency lanes exist to allow emergency vehicles to drive as fast as possible, bypassing traffic, to get to the scene or the hospital. It is also meant for cars that experience failures on the highway to stop safely. However, rushing home so you can be in time to watch your Korean drama is not an appropriate use of the emergency lane.


3. Drive properly in the rain

We’ve talked about this before in a previous post, but it is worth to have a look at it again because doing any one of them grants you good driving karma instantly. We recommend you pick Numbers 3 and 4 if you don’t want to do all five. One will prevent an accident, the other prevents you from being a twerp.


4. Don’t use your talk or text with your handphone while driving

This has been repeated to death (some have actually died from this), yet there are still drivers who use their mobile phones while behind the wheel. Despite the well-known risks and consequences, the illusion that you can multitask behind the wheel is just that, an illusion. If you persist, then take this to mind — would you be OK to let your surgeon reply his WhatsApp chats while performing surgery on you?


5. Look behind before opening the car door

Although it may not look like it, the humble car door is a potential road hazard. Open your door without looking back, and you may get it swiped by a passing vehicle. For motorcyclists and cyclists, riding into an open car door is the same as riding into the brick wall. The impact can cause, at least, nasty bruises and even broken bones that require hospital treatment. It won’t hurt to take a moment to check if the coast is clear. 

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