4 massive malaysian motoring events that you couldn t stop talking in 2017

4 massive Malaysian motoring events that you couldn’t stop talking in 2017

They became talking points that split opinions and got netizens up in arms

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

30 Dec 2017

2017 is unlike anything like the past years when it comes to motoring-related stories. In previous years, it would be new rulings and guidelines about window tints, speed cameras and roadblocks. This year, the topics are much more dramatic. And some; tragic. 

Take a look at the defining moments of 2017 that got us talking and typing on our keyboards very loudly in CAPS.


That Woman Who Killed 8 Teenage Cyclists

(screen grab from The Star Online)

In the early hours of the 18th of February, a lady driver, behind the wheel of her Nissan Almera, who was driving on Johor Bahru’s Middle Ring Road, smashed into a group of cyclists that left some injured, two in serious condition and 8 dead. It was reported that the cyclists were between the ages of 13 to 17 years old. 

Quick-pointing Malaysians put the blame on the driver, claiming that she was texting while driving, which later was found untrue. Still, the woman was charged with dangerous driving, of which she has pleaded not guilty.

These cyclists were part of an underground culture where teenage boys ride stripped out bicycles in the middle of the night, in a manner that endangers their lives. This led to other Malaysians putting the blame on the victims’ parents for their failure to discipline their children properly.

While the debate may have died down, the police are out in force issuing summons and confiscating the bikes, which have somewhat put the brakes on the scene… for now.


That Penang Lady Who Drove Against the Traffic Flow

(screen grab from Astro Awani)

Another tragedy. This time, it involved a 19-year old female, behind the wheel of a Proton Gen 2, going against the traffic of a three-lane expressway. What made it even more horrible was that she crashed into a Perodua Kelisa that started a chain reaction that took out four other vehicles. All were injured apart from the Kelisa’s driver, Mohamad Fandi, who died on the spot. He left behind a pregnant wife.

Initial news reports stated that the driver was drunk and on meth when she drove against the traffic. Later, it was found that she was on medication and that she also carried an OKU card. She was charged under the Dangerous Drug Act but later acquitted as her urine test came out negative. She faces another charge — driving under the influence. There are no other updates on the case since then. 

What’s more troubling is that this isn’t the first and will not be the last time we will hear of people driving against the traffic flow in 2017, the latest being an 81-year old man on the ECE.


Proton Sold to Geely

It was no secret that Proton was struggling in deep waters. Despite attempts done to revamp the lineup, improving quality, adding turbo into the engine, sought help from Honda and inked an MOU with Suzuki, they just can’t seem to find the glory that they once swam in decades ago.

By selling 49.9% of Proton to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group, DRB-Hicom hopes that this will be the partnership that will turn our national car brand around. Many have bemoaned such move, claiming that we have sold away a national icon and pawned our pride.

However, one must remember that Geely owns Volvo Cars, who are currently at the top of their game. Existing under the same group means that the technology from Volvo will be transferred to Proton in time to come. And that can only mean good things.


Perodua Launched the 3rd Generation Myvi

Malaysians across gender, mental capacity and social order have always taken special interest whenever our national car brands launch new cars. If the Preve, Suprima, Axia and Bezza had broken the internet, then the new Myvi had nuked it.

This year, no other car brand in Malaysia got this much attention from the entire nation from launching a car than Perodua with the new Myvi. The new Myvi comes with many features, including the Advanced Safety Assist, that puts pricer cars to shame. Yet, Malaysians being Malaysians, it is the integrated Smart Tag that stole the show, got us all curious and asking why wasn't this feature available in earlier models.  

The first two generations of Myvi were a massive hit for Perodua, selling well over 1,000,000 cars. The third generation is already on that same road.