mercedes benz malaysia doesn t like keeping records breaks them again

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia doesn’t like keeping records; breaks them again

This is the 4th year that MBM posted large and very shouty numbers like 12,045 and RM2,200,000,000

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

10 Jan 2018

Last year, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia sold 266 more cars last year than they did the year before, breaking another sales record with a total of 12,045 cars sold in 2017. This means that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia sold 33 cars every day. Considering the price of a Mercedes-Benz and the consequent ownership cost, this warrants a loud WOW not just for the company but for the people that put down money for one.

The road to that achievement is paved with the opening of new dealerships, upgrading the existing ones and the launch of 17 new models in Malaysia. What’s rather impressive is that Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launched more than a handful of AMG models, namely the E 43 4MATIC, SLC 43, C 43 4MATIC, GLC 43 4MATIC, GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe, AMG GT R and the E 63 S 4MATIC+.

It may be said that one of the driving force that put so many Mercs on the road last year is the Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM), which was launched five years ago, to offer financing and insurance solutions. In 2017, four out of 10 cars have been financed by MBSM and have accumulated a servicing portfolio of RM2,2 billion or RM2,200,000,000. Yeah, it is a lot of zeros. 

The CKD limousines (C-Class, E-Class and S-Class) contributed the largest chunk to the total sales figure — 7,041 cars sold in 2017. The SUVs didn’t do too badly, owing much of the sales to the GLC 200 and GLC 250, with a total of 2,599 SUVs found new homes. The compact cars, which are your A-Class, CLA and GLA, sold a total of 2,031 cars.

What raises the eyebrow more is the fact that the 374 units from the uber-atas Dream Cars Collection, like the Coupe models, the AMG 43 and AMG 63 models, found new owners. 

Seeing things through a wider lens, it seems that Mercedes-Benz has done well for themselves globally, selling 2.3 million cars in 2017 — another record broken. Asia-Pacific became the region with the strongest growth where 875,250 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were delivered to customers. Again, that’s one more record broken. What an amazing year they had.