new lube for lane splitters

New lube for lane-splitters

There’s a new lubricant in town and it’s made for riders around town

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

10 Jan 2018

Lube is lube is lube, right? Apparently, it is not that simple. It appears that motorcycles that weave through city traffic, which make it hard for cars to switch lanes without hitting one, are subjected to greater stress… those fragile things. 

Caltex Havoline has just launched a range of lubricants formulated especially for these two-wheeled wonders. Called the Havoline Super 4T Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40, this new lube is blended with C.O.R.E Technology. In the semi-syn and mineral oils, this lube has ZOOMTECH added into the mix.

Essentially, C.O.R.E Technology does everything an advanced lube should so — cleans and protects, heat protection against oil degradation, reduce engine heat damage and enhances acceleration. Caltex said that the new formulation is 50% better than the industry standard in oxidation stability, further protecting the bike from heat damage, and suitable for large capacity bikes.

ZOOMTECH is different. It only improves clutch grip for better power transfer and in turn, improves acceleration. Caltex also offers Scooter Engine Oil that meets the latest API SN and JASO MB standards; it is what Japanese scooters demand. A JASO MB oil works to lower friction wherever it coats. 

Naturally, a new product launch will come with its own gambit and for this, Caltex is bundling up the Havoline Super 4T with a limited-run microfibre towel with ‘Ride Strong’ branding. Perfect to wipe off sweat and grime after a ride under the hot Malaysian sun.