mercedes benz malaysia drops electric breadcrumbs does it lead somewhere

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia drops electric breadcrumbs… does it lead somewhere?

Huge investments prepare the company’s electrification, additional charging stations prepare the nation’s full-electric mobility. What about the cars?

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

12 Jan 2018

As the top brass of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia shuffled out of the makeshift meeting hall, on their way to the next photo-op location outside Wisma Mercedes-Benz’s glass doors, the presentation screen in the hall started playing the Generation EQ trailer.

And just like watching the end credits of a Marvel superhero movie, I was curious yet not quite sure what to make of it. At the time of writing, the vehicles of Generation EQ only exists in concept in all of its hyper-neo design… as far as official announcements concern.

The Generation EQ; a fully-electric vehicle that resembles a GLA. If the entirety comes makes the transition into reality, Generation EQ will have enough battery charge for a 500km trip and two electric motors on both axles that produces a total of 300kW; or 402hp if you still like the smell of exhausts.

Now, the EQ brand isn’t just limited to one vehicle, but an entire value chain of products, services, technologies and innovations — everything that has to do with electric storage, recharge and usage for mobility. Yes, wallboxes exist under the EQ umbrella. 

So what are Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is telling us? Earlier, Dr. Claus Weidner, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, said that they have a whole deck of cards under their sleeves that will raise the automotive industry’s collective eyebrows, as well as their customers.

“To give you a hint, one of these exciting updates will be in relation to our superior electric mobility technology in the form of the Mercedes-Benz EQ brand,” said Dr. Weidner.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia certain has the capability of producing an all-electric vehicle if need be. Already, MBM has injected a total investment of over RM1 billion in the Malaysian market. One-third of that amount was channelled to the Pekan Production Plant and MBM Training Academy in Puchong, Selangor. Production of the S 400 h, E 350 e and C 350 e should convince you that they are well-prepared for a fully electrified future. 

Speaking of future, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has plans to have more branded charging stations. In addition to the three in Bangsar Shopping Centre, there will be four in Pavilion KL and two in Sunway Mall. Not a lot to start with but it is a start nonetheless.

So, what can we make from all of this? Safe to say that we won’t be seeing any Generation EQ cars because they are just concepts unless Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is putting the concept car on display at the upcoming KLIMS, which they have not confirmed participation. And this leads to only one other car that carries the EQ brand; it is time to replace the S 400 h anyway.

Hello S 560 e.