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the unstuck able russian meets the unstoppable american

The unstuck-able Russian meets the unstoppable American

Real life Russian Tonka toy truck meets its match in some Texan mud

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

4 Apr 2018

Forget the Hummer, Brabus G700 6x6 or even the Land Rover Defender that the diehards will wax lyrical about how they could go anywhere and survive the zombie apocalypse. What you want is the Russian Sherp ATV; a real-life Tonka toy truck that can actually go anywhere and survive anything… except Texan mud ruts.

The Sherp can do it all. It’ll climb obstacles as high as 70cm, turn on its axis like a tank and even float. That’s right, the damn thing floats on water using those monstrous self-inflating tyres.

You won’t be outrunning those zombies really quick though but you can definitely run over them. The brainchild of Alexei Garagashyan’s, the Sherp has a puny 1.5-litre four-banger diesel engine with 44.3hp and a five-speed manual to link all four wheels together. Top speed for the 1,300kg ATV is 45kph on land and 6kph in water; both highly dependent on wind speed.

The giant 160cm rubbers do more than accentuate the comical ratio of the ATV, they allow it to pretty much get through anything on any terrain and your imagination is the only limiting factor for customising it.

However, some determined mud-riders from Texas in the USA have finally achieved the impossible and got the Sherp stuck in a cesspool of prohibition.

In all honesty though, the rugged little Sherp did appear to be making negligible ground in the video and if the driver had time to spare, he could have very well paddled it out by Hari Raya.

It’s still nice to see our childhood toy truck in real life and almost as unstoppable as we imagined it to be.