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ken block wrc spec escort cosworth much fun many anti lag and plenty of dirt rooster tails

Ken Block + WRC-spec Escort Cosworth = Much fun, many anti-lag and plenty of dirt rooster tails

Block’s back and he’s taking his WRC Escort Cosworth rallying

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

19 Apr 2018

Kenneth Blockingham; otherwise known to us peasants as Ken Block, has fun for a living being a professional hoonigan or appears to anyways. He’s got a collection of vehicles we would sell our mothers for and the latest addition to his fleet of hoons is a Group A WRC-spec 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth.

When he first got his grubby hands on it, it still possessed that modicum of purity with its solid white body-in-white paintjob but that’s all been replaced with some trademark Hoonigan Racing Division livery and he’s going return it to its roots by joining the American Rally Association’s Open 4WD class.

Block has released a video of the car undergoing testing with his long-time co-driver by his side; Alex Gelsomino, who has been partnering him for 12 years now.

While the Escort might resemble a fifth-generation Escort, the RS Cosworth version shares minimal in common with the standard version. Ford engineers used the chassis and drivetrain from the European Sierra RS Cosworth with Escort body parts slapped on. That ruddy-great whale tail rear wing is just the whipped cream on that crème brulee.

350hp in a rally-spec car makes all the right sounds during its test with pops, crackles and braaaaps spewing out the exhaust during testing in California’s Hungry Valley.

Much like all testing, things do break and Block does get into the details of how this 1990s rally machine is lightyears apart from the more modern rally machines he’s been flogging about lately. There’s the million buttons for starters, where modern cars have it all relayed in a nice screen or membrane touch panels that are easier to operate.

And if you noticed the white Fiesta R2 in the background early on in the video with “L. Block” on the window, fret not because they didn’t get his name wrong. That’s his wife’s car; Lucy, and she’s making a return to stage rallying as well.

A couple that rally’s together, stays together.