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range rover velar has successfully turned all other suvs into uglies

Range Rover Velar has successfully turned all other SUVs into uglies

Sorry XC90, it looks like you’ve been dethroned by this very sleek SUV

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

19 Apr 2018

You don’t need an eye for all things beautiful to see that the Range Rover Velar is something quite extraordinary. It is rare to see, even in Range Rover’s own line-up, an SUV that seeks to supplant the Sports of SUV with Sculpture.

Where the designers could go over-board to add more lines and curves, they’ve instead smoothened out the body to make it appear clean and simple. So smooth the body lines to the point where the door handles retract into the body, also to reduce drag. To note, the door handles are tested in the cold Russian winter, in conditions of minus 20-degrees Celsius, to make sure they work; something the Wehrmacht couldn’t do.

The headlights and taillamps only come in full LEDs, so there’s no need to make way for bulky bi-xenon projectors. This allows the designer to make the lights appear as slender as possible with a lighting signature that’s eye-catching.

Seemingly following the exterior’s language, the interior also projects ‘reductionism’. Two interactive screens fill the dashboard with the bottom screen hosting three rotary dials of varied functions. In front of the driver, a 12.3-inch interactive display that projects vital information and further in front… a head-up display.

The seats are of note; designed to allow one to get in and out easily. Having that said, I suspect that many will be reluctant to exit the vehicle because the seats are made from Kvadart wool-blend textile and suede cloth. Or those who go for the R-Dynamic Velar will have an interior upholstered with perforated leather with suede cloth.

The Velar gets motivation from the new 2.0-litre P250 Ingenium engine that produces 247hp and 365Nm. The engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, sending power to all four wheels. There is space for the larger 3.0-litre engine but that will rocket the price of the Velar past Mars.

The Velar that you see on the road sometime in July, will be able to get to 100kph from zero in 6.7 seconds and hit a top speed of 217kph. It’s fast and relatively light. 81 percent of the body-in-white is made from aluminium, no other manufacturer has used the metal so extensively. In spite of, the advanced tech and luxury features, the Velar tips the scales at 1,804kg.

As is, the Velar is yours for RM529,800 or RM588,800 if you go for the R-Dynamic variant. The prices are inclusive of GST. The price did not stop many from walking into the showroom and reserving their unit. First deliveries, as mentioned, will come soon. There’s a waiting list already, but it’s still not a long wait. Book now and you’ll get your Velar sometime in the middle of 2018. What are you waiting for?