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russia s just won the presidential limo race

Russia’s just won the presidential limo race

Check and mate to Trump and his puny Beast

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

20 Apr 2018

As the most senior elected public servant, you try not to overdo it with the excessiveness and lavishness of taxpayer’s money for self-consumption. However, some silly little splurges can be tolerated in the name of safety and one-upmanship over your chief peer.

So, while Donald Trump and his presidential limo; nicknamed the Beast, had the bragging rights to the coolest limo, Russia’s Vladimir Putin has just flipped his automotive bird at Trump with his new limo that was built by Porsche and Bosch for a staggering £85 million and looks like the hottest thing out of Russia since Anna Kournikova.

Since it’s passed crash testing; which we take to mean they couldn’t find anything that would put a dent in it so they called it a day, the new Russian presidential limo could just make its world debut at the Putin's presidential inauguration on 7 May 2018. What better way to stick it to your western detractors and remind them you’re back to torment them for another term in the biggest and baddest limo.

Dubbed the Cortege project and because mother Russia takes pride in its own work, the entire thing strived to use as little non-Russian components as possible. The Russian premier was closely involved with the build, even driving prototypes to provide feedback.

Entirely bespoke with a few variations in body style down the line to justify the massive cost, the limo isn’t based on any existing vehicle. It rides on a custom platform designed and specified by the government with Porsche and Bosch making it a reality because truck-based faux Cadillacs are so agricultural.

Much like Russia is a force to be reckoned with on the international stage, the engine pulling this along is just as imposing. Porsche provided the 4.6-litre turbocharged V8 engine with 592bhp and 881Nm of torque. The nine-speed heavy-duty automatic is Russian-sourced.

With all that armour -plating and probably an isolated, purified air supply and various means of communications as well as passive defense, it’ll need all the power to get it moving given that it weighs about as much as Siberia.

A large portion of the exorbitant cost stems from the range of different body styles that will eventually be made. This includes saloons to an MPV and even an SUV. Sounds like a new Russian automotive business venture as the vehicles will be made available to Russian security services and government agencies before being sold to the public.

Cosmetic wise, it comes across as the genetically-gifted lovechild of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a Rolls-Royce and absolutely love it. It definitely outshines the futuristic-based Chrysler limo used in the movie “Logan.”

The question though is can this thing take a direct hit from a rocket launcher? Knowing Putin, it can probably even fire one back.