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subaru makes sure you won t pay more for their vehicles

Subaru makes sure you won’t pay more for their vehicles

Doesn’t matter whether the price goes up or down with the tax revision, TC Subaru has a grip on the price

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

14 May 2018

On the coattails of the GE 14, with the new government promising the return of the Sales and Service Tax in place of the GST, no one is sure if the price of a vehicle will go up or down. We have our collective fingers crossed that the latter happens.

Either way, TC Subaru has put in place a scheme, called Subaru Price Protection Scheme, that ensures the price of any Subaru vehicle stays as is from now until 18 August 2018, when the new government is 100 days old. This means that the price you book your vehicle before the election right up to 18 August 2018 will not change.

Here’s how they put it in the press release:

In the event of upward price movement before registration of any booked vehicle due to changes in tax regimen, TC Subaru Sdn Bhd will honour the original, lower price.

In the event of a downward price movement, the customer will receive service vouchers equal in value to the price difference (up to a limit of RM3,000). For example, should a vehicle’s price reduce by RM1,000 after the change in applicable taxes, it shall be traded into a service voucher worth RM1,000.

For unregistered bookings, should later prevailing prices drop at registration, the booking price will be adjusted correspondingly, i.e if the booking price was RM100,000 and the prevailing price at registration is RM99,000, the lower price of RM99,000 will apply.

With this, you don’t have to put your Subaru ownership on ice until the taxation dust settles. At least TC Subaru makes sure you come out on top.