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renault debuts ez ultimo a car that grab drivers definitely won t like

Renault debuts EZ-ULTIMO, a car that Grab drivers definitely won't like

Not only this concept is made specifically with ride-hailing in mind, it will also save millions of car bumpers from getting dented on the streets of Paris

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

10 Oct 2018

At least one car company — Renault — have acknowledged that ride-hailing is going to stay long into the future and they have designed a car fit for the purpose. It made its debut at the recent Paris Motorshow, the EZ-ULTIMO is a self-driving, fully electric, connected and a shared mobility vehicle. 

However, where ride-hailing is supposed to be affordable to the masses (not as if the current rates are cheap), the EZ-ULTIMO is meant for those who are luxuriously-heeled. Renault said that the EZ-ULTIMO is made for people who want “a private trip in a city, a premium tourist experience or businesses looking to offer premium journey services to its clients”. Renault also foresees that businesses in the hospitality and airline industries can extend their upscale experience with the EZ-ULTIMO.

Renault also wants you to think of the EZ-ULTIMO, not as a vehicle but a moving personal lounge. The robo-vehicle, as it is called, is made with expensive materials such as wood, marble and leather to create an equally luxurious interior. The doors open wide to two ‘rear’ seats and one that swivels and slides for easy entry and exit. The ‘windows’ feature transparent facets that hide passengers from the gaze of commoners while still letting them have views of the outside.

EZ-ULTIMO is programmed with Level 4 autonomous driving technology that links it to the infrastructure, giving it the ability to cope with the variables of the urban landscape. Just in case you get bored with the view, EZ-ULTIMO will serve up personalised AR content called Augmented Editorial Experience, or AEX. 

Of course, this concept car will never make the jump to the real world in its entirety, although bits and pieces of it might appear in future production models.
Story by CT