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this canyon drifting video is a lesson in drone cinematography

This canyon drifting video is a lesson in drone cinematography

How do you herd 1,050 ponies around a mountain road? In Matt Field’s Corvette of course

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

11 Oct 2018

Drones have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for cinematography and photography. Coupled with the right subjects and editing, you’re often left with breathtaking media but in this scenario, breathtaking is meant literally and metaphorically.

Pro drifter and Formula Drift contender Matt Field skims the edge of the cliff and in turn, leaves us on the edge of ours as he whips his Chevy Corvette C6 Formula Drift along a mountain pass in between competing.

Propelled by 1,050hp from pure American muscle, the 427 aluminium block LS V8 engine gets a helping hand from a monstrous Vortech supercharger and nitrous to hit four-digit mark. Mind you this is after a detune. The 427 means 427 cubic inches of imperial power but for us metric men, that’s a staggering 7.0-litres of forced-induced displacement.

Although not the first pro drifter to deliver awesomeness of this level to fire up the internet, Field’s video does exhibit some of the best aerial drone cinematography we’ve seen to date. Now can someone pass the drone pilot’s contact to the Fast & Furious movie crew?