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bhpetrol keeps winning at one upmanship with new fuel

BHPetrol keeps winning at one-upmanship with new fuel

They take pride in being pioneers, introducing its new Infiniti fuel with the latest additives

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

14 Nov 2018

BHPetrol aren’t the type to shy away from being frank. Having instigated the Euro5 diesel move, they were up front about being the first to do so purely for bragging rights. Now, they’ve gone and done the same with their Infiniti line of petrol that has boasts twice the recommended amount of the latest additives.

The German additives include a new friction modifier formula for reducing internal friction between components that will up performance and fuel efficiency. Putting some shine back into the engine will be the task of the new deposit cleaning agent capable of removing deposit buildup. To complete the new formulation, a corrosion inhibitor adds a protective layer over the internal metal surfaces for longevity.

Its additive supplier recommends 400 parts per million (ppm) in the fuel but BHPetrol has gone twice the distance and mixed in 800ppm. Of course, the new mix of Infiniti is available for its RON95 and RON97 variants with no extra cost to the consumer.

BHPetrol gave us some time behind the wheel of an Infiniti-powered car and the initial impressions are favourable with drivers of highly modified cars reporting discernible differences with the most perceptible being significant fuel savings. A more in-depth look at the fuel is coming up.

You can now give the fuel a try at all 380 BHPetrol stations nationwide.

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