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another year another mercedes benz sales record

Another year, another Mercedes-Benz sales record

The year went by in a blur, which is how its competitors would’ve viewed Mercedes-Benz Malaysia blitzing ahead to lead the segment… again

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

11 Jan 2019

All great things eventually end and undoubtedly, Mercedes- Benz Malaysia (MBM) dominance will be no different but for the foreseeable future it’ll continue its record-breaking streak. MBM sold 13,079 units in 2018, over 1,000 units more than 2017; which was in itself a new record the segment that started back in 2014.

To put how much the segment has grown, the 2018 figure is almost double what MBM sold back in 2014 when it took the lead. Who said Malaysians aren’t doing well?

As always, the sedan range accounts for the bulk of the sales. The C, E, and S-Class contributed 7,910 units; an increase of 12 per cent. This time however, MBM refrained from divulging the individual figures for each model. Still, it goes without saying the C-Class led the way.

SUVs continue chipping away at sales of cars, accounting for 2,613 units with the GLC-Class ahead of that pack.

With the new A-Class launched with much fanfare towards the end of last year, 1,875 units of the compact range of A, CLA, and GLA-Class found new homes, a slight dip to 7.7 per cent. Expect the compact range to get back its stride with the new CLA-Class and more units of the A-Class shifting this year.

The move to locally assemble the Mercedes-AMG 43-series in the form of the GLC43 and C43 sedan proved to be a shrewd strategy in helping the Mercedes-AMG models climb to 550 units; an increase of 114 per cent over 2017.

MBM’s Pekan plant also jumped on the record-setting bandwagon by assembling 9,854 units, a jump of 6.0 per cent. The CKD portfolio at Pekan comprises the C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLC-Class and the aforementioned Mercedes-AMG C43 sedan and GLC 43.

Shifting more focus on the customer experience has helped MBM retain customers. It has 35 dealerships nationwide and serviced 148,800 vehicles in 2018; a growth of 16 per cent. Accordingly, MBM hit the highest Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) aftersales mark in history.