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daigo saito blesses us with the first 2jz a90 supra engine swap

Daigo Saito blesses us with the first 2JZ A90 Supra engine swap

The hero we wanted and needed, the drift legend has dropped in the legendary straight-six into the new A90 Supra for skids and giggles

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

11 Mar 2019

When the 2JZ fanboys wept following news of a BMW inline-six motivating the new Toyota Supra A90, many wondered if a saviour would come and wipe their tears away by taking on the lord’s work; according to them.

Well, none other than drifting demigod Daigo Saito has stepped up to complete the divine task and took to social media to reveal his drift-prepped A90 Supra with an unmistakable 2JZ head peeping out from the engine bay.

According to his post on social media and some help from Google Translate, it looks like Daigo won’t be holding back on the new build and is set to run the car in the D1 Grand Prix series this year with the backing of his longtime sponsors Monster Energy.

You won’t have to wait long to see the machine in action as it’s slated to debut at the Monster Energy Presents D1GP All Star Shoot-out to be held over the 23-24 March 2019 weekend Saturday, March in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Of course, the entire build was completed in just 42 days inhouse at Daigo’s own workshop; Fat Five Racing, a mad lab churning out the best drift cars on the planet that often defy physics. Some of his controversial builds that will be sharing space with the A90 Supra include the Toyota JZX100 Mark II, ex-GT300 Corvette drift car, drift Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 599 GTB and tons of others.

Although he didn’t spill much details, you can expect it to follow the same recipe that he’s applied to most of his championship-winning builds. The 2JZ is said to pump out about 800hp and was put together mostly with HKS components; another long-time supporter of his endeavours. Expect the transmission to now be a Holinger six-speed sequential; a favourite of his.

Lightness is one of the key aspects of his build and as you can see in the photos, there’s not much left of the A90 Supra. Razor-thin fibre panels cover most of the chassis and probably includes the recently revealed Pandem body kit as the outfit of choice.

Daigo is the only drifter to have won the D1 Grand Prix and Formula Drift, achieving the latter in just his first season. Having also dipped his hand into Ken Block’s Gymkhana series last year, he’ll be looking to repeat his victory this year at Gymkhana 2019 set for 7 September 2019 in Poland.

As for his thoughts on the upcoming season, Daigo shared a little in his post. “I’m happy to be able to remodel Supra for the first time in the world probably. I’m feeling enthusiastic. The wheelbase is short and the body as a whole is compact, it’s also possible to run more cheaply, and it is possible to drive powerfully, so you can control the car freely. So how far I don’t know yet if I can run offensive but I’m looking forward to it now.”

“Since the D1 regulation will be changing this year, I think that I can be fascinated with a new style. In the last year I learned the style of running of many overseas drivers including overseas drift competitions and Gymkana Grids and other competitions. This year I would like you to see the race powered by the A90 Supra,” he enthused.