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vtec kicks in for the aussie police force

VTEC kicks in for the Aussie police force

Speedsters down under won’t have to worry about outrunning it as the hot hatch will be used to improve community relations

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

15 Mar 2019

We’re pretty sure the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) officers are having a blast evaluating the new Honda Civic Type-R FK8R but the New South Wales Police Force in Australia has beaten them to be the first boys in blue to have one in their fleet.

Honda Australia will be loaning the hot hatch to the NSW Police Force in a year-long sponsored partnership but you don’t have to worry about it pulling you over for hooning. The car will instead be utilised as a turbocharged billboard for the force’s “Eyewatch” social-media campaign.

The campaign is a program aiming to connect connects people with their local police to ask any questions and get crime updates and information online. Much like the Dubai Police Force that runs its fleet of supercars, the 306hp FK8R here will be a community engagement tool.

It’ll roll up to schools and other community events in the state sit pretty and attract plenty of attention for the Eyewatch program. Interestingly, if the force wanted to use it as a pursuit vehicle, requirements in the state mandate that pursuit cars have to be automatics so the six-speed manual Civic wouldn’t have made the cut.

Yes, even the cops are letting the manuals die and that’s a crime in itself.

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