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here s bugatti s latest ev warning it s small

Here’s Bugatti’s latest EV. Warning: it’s small

If the Lego Bugatti is a toy you can’t drive, then the Baby II is a toy that you can

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

16 Mar 2019

It must have been one of those nights when the moon is bright, and there’s not much else to do, where to Bugattis, who may have had one too many, decided that it would be a great idea to make a baby Bugatti. In reality, the truth isn’t far off. Ettore Bugatti and his son, Jean, really did make a half-scale Type 35 as a birthday gift for the youngest in the family. That was 1926.

This year, it looks like the Bugattis are at it again. For the company’s 110th birthday, they are reviving the runt of the litter. Christened the Baby II, the new car is also a tribute to Ettore’s masterpiece. As is its predecessor, the Baby II will also have a 500 cars limited run. 

However, unlike its predecessor, the Baby II is a 3/4-size replica of Type 35 and can be driven by children and children who refuse to admit they’ve gone past 40. 

The Baby II has removable lithium-ion battery packs that power a motor which drives the rear wheel. A limited slip differential and regenerative braking are standard in this tiny car. There are two modes to alter the power based on who is driving. In Child Mode, the Baby II’s power is reduced to just 1kW with a top speed limited to 20kph. Switch it up to Adult Mode to raise its power to 4kW with a limited top speed of 45kph. And then, there’s the Speed Key that unlocks up to 10kW of power with no speed limiter. 

Of course, being a Bugatti, the Baby II has what it takes to set it apart from the regular box carts. Leather seats, aluminium dashboard, four-spoke steering and custom Bugatti instruments are just some of the interior’s fine appointments. 

On the outside, the Baby II features the signature eight-spoke aluminium alloy wheels with modern brakes providing the stopping power. On the nose, you’ll find the ‘Macaron’ badge that is made from 50g solid silver — just as the Chiron. Each car also comes with a limited-edition numbered plaque and all cars ordered in 2019 will have a badge to commemorate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. Buyers will be able to choose how Baby II will be painted, although Bugatti recommends French Racing Blue.

The Bugatti baby II is priced at EUR30,000 (approximately RM138,725.55) with taxes and delivery, making this the cheapest Bugatti that you can drive. Production starts in Q3 2019. Can someone buy us one, pretty please?

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