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kia stinger gts gets up to some sideways shenanigans

Kia Stinger GTS gets up to some sideways shenanigans

A new optional D-AWD system can send 100 per cent of power to the rear for the best of both worlds

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

18 Apr 2019

The Kia Stinger is a criminally underrated performance sedan and that has to change. Fortunately, Kia figured out just the way to do it; they gave it a new optional all-wheel drive system with a Drift mode and splashed on some bright orange paint to you can see the car as it shreds those rear tyres into plumes of smoke.

Yes, the standard Stinger has all-wheel drive as well but this one is only available on the special edition GTS model as gets a “D-AWD” designation for its selectable modes to control power delivery. Seeing a modern sedan kick its tail out and keep it there around a corner is always a sight to behold.

Everything else on the GTS is purely cosmetic; carbon cosmetic. It can be had in rear-wheel drive as well.

D-AWD functions pretty much like the regular AWD system in the Stinger that’s alreary rear-biased. However, this one has three selectable modes that governs the mount of torque from the twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 goes to the rear wheels.

Leave it in Comfort and the split is a civilised 40:60. Sports mode increases torque to the rear to 80 per cent while the party trick Drift mode sends 100 per cent to the rear, just like the current BMW M5. The standard AWD systems in the Stinger max out at 80 per cent to the rear.

Stingers with D-AWD also get a standard limited-slip differential that was limited to the rear-drive models prior. To keep up with the shenanigans owners might get up to, Kia also updated the transmission mapping, stability control and steering to keep up.

Some might find it weird that modern all-wheel drive systems are getting mapped with drift modes as purists will argue that the rear-wheel drive setup is the best for drifting. Given the advancements in modern systems, it’s simply a case of “why not?”

If you can give owners the best of both world, then do it. Drivers will appreciate having the stability of all-wheel drive in certain situations and maybe switch over to rear-drive for some giggles when they please.

It might sound weird given that the standard rear-wheel-drive Stinger is perfectly capable of drifting on its own. But we suppose it makes it so that those who want AWD traction won't miss out on any tail-out shenanigans if they so please.

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