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got a honda is your car insurance hip enough

Got a Honda? Is your car insurance HiP enough?

You might want to ditch your current insurance company for Honda’s insurance plan

Christopher Ng Photo

Christopher Ng

13 May 2019

The one thing that comes standard with every vehicle purchase is the insurance. Although necessary, not all motor insurances are built the same. While some appear to be robust, the same might be let down when push comes to shove. However, if you own a Honda vehicle, you might be able to have the best of all worlds. 

Called Honda Insurance Plus, or HiP for short, this insurance package comes exclusively for Honda owners. And as such, there are several benefits that the Honda owner can enjoy, which includes 24/7 roadside assistance and towing services. The plan also offers roadside repair service with free labour up to RM200 per event, such as jump-start, battery replacement, changing of a flat tyre and fuel refill, exclusive of spare parts.

One of the more salient benefits is the towing range. HiP offers to tow for Honda vehicles involved in accidents, breakdowns and floods to one of the 23 nearest Honda Authorised Body and Paint Centre within a 450km roundtrip radius. Besides, all body and part replacements are guaranteed 100% to be genuine and come with a warranty of six months warranty or 10,000km service warranty.

The owner will also be guided and receive constant updates by a designated Honda Authorised Dealer on the claim procedure. Also, HiP members can enjoy faster claim approval especially for pre-approved claims below RM20,000; only when repaired at Honda Authorised Body and Paint Centres. This means you’ll get your Honda back quicker than the rest.

The Honda Insurance Plus also pays out 100% of the sum insured for theft or a total loss due to an accident. Also, there are no hidden costs for new parts replacements for accident repairs for cars up to 10 years old. 

If you’re a Honda owner who has yet to get on the HiP wagon, you can do so at any of the 98 Honda Authorised Dealership across Malaysia. After all, with greater peace of mind, you can enjoy driving your Honda more.

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