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lotus to hire 200 new engineers on geely s dime

Lotus to hire 200 new engineers on Geely's dime

A new platform, tripling production, electrification and more practical models all in the works

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

14 May 2019

Lotus was placed under Geely’s care following the latter’s acquisition of Proton shares and was to be on the receiving end of a multibillion-dollar investment from the Chinese group to put the sportscar maker on par with more established brands in a bid to turn the company around.

That cash injection is being executed and the first move is a hiring of 200 new engineers, according to The Telegraph. Also in the works is a new engineering center in the U.K. away from the marque’s longtime home in Norfolk.

“Lotus has been in survival mode for many years. We’re taking on people here and also in the Midlands. We need to tap into the industrial resources outside Norfolk to help our growth,” said Lotus CEO, Phip Popham.

Geely’s goals for Lotus is to triple its current production to around 5,000 cars per year. Lotus themselves are looking to tap parent Geely for many technologies that it doesn’t possess or hadn’t the resources to procure or develop. These include tech such as digital display screens and parts required for electrification down the road.

An all-electric hypercar was teased a while back and continues to be a major agenda for the brand. The endgame however is to develop cars that isn’t just for the weekend but one you can live with on a daily basis if necessary.

Much like how Porsche depends heavily on the likes of the Cayenne, Macan and Panamera to continue churning out cars like the iconic 911 and 918 Spyder, a Lotus SUV or grand tourer has been touted more times than we care to recall.

Fortunately, more practical models are still very much a part of its plans for the future and includes a new platform that will underpin these new “livable” Lotus models. With existing Geely tech as well as their generous funding, the light at the end of the currently dim tunnel might just be a lot nearer for Lotus than foreshadowed.