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of course some russians slapped on tank tracks on a bentley w video

Of course some Russians slapped on tank tracks on a Bentley (w/video)

From needing its pair of turbos replaced, the next logical step was for the Continental GT to get some custom heavy-duty tracks fit for Siberia

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

14 May 2019

You know how a fresh project car build usually begins and ends. It starts with the lies we tell ourselves such as , “Oh, I’m going to keep it daily drivable and only swap in some coilovers with an exhaust and intake” before it escalates to “Maybe some heavy-duty tank tracks will solve my traction issues.”

Well, maybe that last bit was a tad farfetched but that’s precisely what happened with Russian YouTube channel AcademeG and it’s freshly acquired used first-gen Bentley Continental GT.

The navy blue grand tourer was the cheapest example they could get their hands on and as the saying goes, “Good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good.” Rightly so, the Continental’s 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 came with an endless list of broken components; headlined by the pair of turbos.

As these things usually go, out went the entire engine and drivetrain because who needs logic. Swap-Point was tasked with getting it ready for the Siberian tundra and promptly fitted a Toyota 3UZ-FE found in the likes of the Crown Majesta, Celsior, Soarer and other Lexus models.

The 4.3-litre V8 only feeds the rear axle via a conventional torque converter automatic. After that, there’s pretty much nothing Bentley remaining. A set of heavy vehicle tracks that run the entire length of the coupe. Most of the exterior body, including the passenger tub and upper portions, mostly survived the transformation but underneath a custom tube-frame underpins the “Ultratank” as it’s been christened.

It’s just been completed and of course the crazy Russians took it out for a shakedown in the woods. Surprisingly, they barely had any issues on the build. The tracks weren’t tensioned enough for hard cornering and kept rolling off.

Also, we neglected to mention it doesn’t have any brakes. To slow down, the driver has to shimmy the wheel side to side as the motion brakes the inside tracks for the purpose of turning.

Besides that, the shakedown was declared a success. Next on the agenda includes adding some much-needed doors and a rear windscreen. Less important but still highly desirable is the desire to double the current top speed of 50kph.