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honda s super lawn mower mows down a speed record

Honda’s super lawn mower mows down a speed record

It’s no Type-R but it’ll scoot to 100mph faster than a McLaren F1 and yes… it’s still a functional mower

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

11 Jun 2019

Blessings be upon those that create ridiculous machines out of sheer want without any necessary need apart from some laughs, media coverage and this case, to get dads around the world a little excited. Honda, purveyors of the fastest lawn mowers, are back with a V2 of their super lawn mower that’s now a picosecond quicker than the legendary McLaren F1.

Why? Who cares? The second question answers the first really. Dubbed the Mean Mower, Honda set its sights on the 0-160kph record. Needless to say, it mowed that record down in a scant 6.285-seconds. It’s semantics but the F1 took a whole 6.3-seconds to hit that number. For a more modern comparison, the pinnacle of street-legal drag machines; the 840hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, takes 5.1-seconds to do the same.

The record’s Guinness World Record certified too, earning the title of the fastest lawn mower acceleration to 100mph (160kph). Guinness wasn’t too fussy about what exactly constitutes a lawn mower here but the basics are looking like one and obviously being able to cut grass; both of which Mean Mower easily achieves.

Honda headed to the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, outside of Dresden, Germany, for the record attempt. Appropriately, the mower was piloted by karting champion and Fast & Furious Live stunt driver Jess Hawkins.

So, what’s powering Mean Mower? Honda went all out and shoehorned the engine from the lightning quick CBR1000RR Fireblade SP superbike in the highly modified mower. That gave it over 190hp at 13,000 rpm. A six-speed sequential box sends power to those instantly recognisable Hoosier drag rubbers on gold wheels.

Naturally, Honda also made an attempt at a top speed run and managed 243kph… on a lawn mower. That’s just shy of a Volkswagen Golf GTI’s at full chat.

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