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petronas brings the fuel to you with its rovr mobile refueling trucks

Petronas brings the fuel to you with its ROVR mobile refueling trucks

No, you can’t refuel while driving but the trucks will deliver fuel to high-traffic hotspots

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

17 Jun 2019

Remember that scene from the Need for Speed movie that saw them refueling the Ford Mustang hero car while driving at highways speed? Yeah, this isn’t anything like that. The photo is just what everyone at the office hoped it would be when we read the email. The Petronas ROVR mobile refueling service trucks aims more at delivering fuel to high-traffic density areas for consumers’ convenience. Both vehicles will need to be stationary for the refueling, obviously.

ROVR has been serving commercial customers (B2B) since its pilot in October 2018 and has delivered over 1 million liters of fuel to fleet operators. The B2B (not what you’re thinking of) aspect of the business is set to expand with more ROVR trucks being integrated into the fleet but more importantly, there’ll now be a B2C channel for end consumers.

The trucks will be delivering the latest Petronas Primax95 with Pro-Drive to high-traffic hotspots to complement the existing network of stations. ROVR provides scheduled deliveries of Dynamic Diesel to B2B customers to ease the logistical management of their fleets by refueling at the customers’ premises.

“I’m pleased with this new offering from Petronas. It’s not easy for our large trucks to navigate on roads and some stations set a limitation on large commercial vehicles. With ROVR, we just schedule for fuel deliveries, and ROVR trucks and Rangers will show up for our drivers to refuel without the need to leave the yard or take a detour. This definitely eases logistical planning, reduces costs and improves our time management,” said Sua Hee Yuan, Chief Financial Officer of Landbridge Haulage (M) Sdn Bhd.

All ROVR trucks are guaranteed safe and certified for fuel delivery and dispensing, according to the stringent health, safety, security, and environmental (HSSE) requirements stipulated by national authorities and regulatory bodies. Sensors on the trucks monitor vital information and maintain operational safety throughout the fuel dispensation.

The current ROVR fleet includes a 4,000-liter capacity and three 11,000-liter capacity trucks for commercial customers whereas B2C usage will be attended to by a 3,000-liter capacity truck that’s still at the pilot stage. By the end of this year, Petronas will expand ROVR services nationwide and set up more refuelling sites.

For more information, visit and for a quick recap on what mobile refueling isn't going to be like, here's the ridiculous scene from the Need for Speed movie just for laughs.

Main photo from the pros at onset.shotonwhat