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there s going to be a bug infestation in july

There’s going to be a Bug infestation in July

No need for any exterminators though, these friendly Bugs aim to set a new Malaysian record

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

24 Jun 2019

Normally, when someone says there’s over 150 bugs gathering somewhere, it’s a job for the exterminator. However, the Bugs in question here are part of the first ever “Beetle, An Iconic Gathering” event by Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) as a grand farewell to the icon that will cease production this year.

It’ll be held at the open-air carpark at the Palace of the Justice in Putrajaya on 13 July 2019 (Saturday) and is open to Beetle owners from all walks of life in celebration of the cult classic. VPCM will be attempting to break the current Malaysian record of the largest Beetle gathered at one location.

The celebration will kick-off with a 150-strong Beetle convoy flagged off in the heart of Kuala Lumpur; the Golden Triangle, before crawling its way to Putrajaya to join the rest of the cars.

All Beetle owners are welcomed to join and interested participants can register their cars on the Volkswagen website here.  It’s free and details of the event will be provided during the online registration. All participants will also receive a certificate of participation from Volkswagen.

Designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1938, the Beetle is considered by many to be the original automotive icon and never fails to garner a smile from onlookers on the street. It’s enjoyed more than 80 years of success with over 21.5 million units sold globally.