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witness the aston martin valkyrie ply the battlefield and decide who dies

Witness the Aston Martin Valkyrie ply the battlefield and decide who dies

Valkyries were angels that decided which Norse warriors died on the battlefield… apt for a new hypercar

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

17 Jul 2019

Performance cars have been getting absurdly quick that “supercar” just wasn’t enough to describe them. Hence, the term “hypercar” was birthed and even then, the performance of those christened with the term seems to show absolute disregard for physics.

Aston Martin’s latest creation; the Valkyrie, has been in the works for years but this is the first time the public is witnessing it on the move. During last weekend’s Formula 1 grand prix at Silverstone circuit, the Valkyrie Verification Prototype 1 did a lap.

Valkyries are a product of Norse mythology; meaning “chooser of the slain,” and is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. Can’t think of a better name for something with a 6.5-litre V12 that has an 11,000rpm redline making 1,160hp naturally-aspirated, albeit with a little helping hand from electricity.

The Cosworth V12 produces around 1,000hp on its own at 10,500rpm while a Rimac-built battery pack hybrid system delivers the additional 160hp to the mix. In something that weighs around 1,100kg, you can expect performance that’ll bend space and time.

“Of course, we still have a lot of development work to go but we can now begin to really push the physical testing process and realise the capabilities of what we have developed over the past months. Putting that aside, today has brought a real smile to my face and I hope that the crowds watching from the stands enjoyed it as much as I did,” said factory driver Chris Goodwin.

If you were hoping to hear the V12 being wringed to within an inch of its life however, Goodwin wasn’t allowed to. This was more of demo to show the car is real and working.

“To finally see Aston Martin Valkyrie running five years from when I first sat down and started sketching what this car could look like is quite an emotional day. With the change in vision angle as it comes past and the noise, it’s now doing what it is supposed to be doing which is to move and be dynamic. It has been an enormous push for the team to get it running here today at the home of British motorsport so this is also a special moment for them,” said Adrian Newey, chief technical officer.

Only 150 units will be produced to meet homologation regulations for the new “hypercar” class in the World Endurance Championship and form the basis of the racing version for Aston Martin’s participation. Toyota is working on an entry for the new class as well so things are looking exciting ahead.