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some raging bulls invaded the arctic circle in picturesque norway

Some raging bulls invaded the Arctic Circle in picturesque Norway

Lamborghini’s Avventura road trip is what we've all dreamt of doing... driving our cars in some of the most stunning driving locations on earth

Dinesh Appavu Photo

Dinesh Appavu

6 Aug 2019

Supercars are meant to be driven and driven hard. Lamborghini are firm proponents of that school of thought and puts its Euro where its mouth is by virtue of the Avventura series of road trips that takes the raging bulls to some of the most picturesque, stunning driving locations on the planet.

For this latest installment, Sant'Agata shipped over seven Huracan Evos into the Arctic Circle in Norway to take in the breathtaking Scandinavian coast. The herd of bulls made their way to Lofoten Islands; home of vivid scenery and some amazing wildlife such as sea eagles and killer whales.

The Huracan Evos make a wonderful 631hp from their V10s; more than enough for the tight, idyllic roads of Norway’s countryside. It’s the same engine as the Huracan Performante, so the top speed of 323kph remains, as does the century sprint of 2.9-seconds. All-wheel steering and improved aero helps it remain stable at speeds.

The entire road trip swallowed 634km over two days and rolled into Henningsvaer, a small fishing village that lays claim to one of the world’s most beautiful football grounds built into the edge of a rocky inlier on the ocean’s edge.

Following that, the convoy headed to Flakstadøya and Svolvaer; the former boasting Caribbean-esque waters and the latter presumed to be the oldest town in the Arctic Circle.

After all those miles and seemingly perfect Norwegian strips of asphalt, the bulls ended their journey in Harstad, the same point from which it started at the Lofoten islands. However, to cap off a perfect road trip, the Huracan Evos caught a spectacular sunset from the top of Mount Keipen.

If these photos and the video aren’t enough to make you consider a therapeutic road trip in Scandinavia, perhaps you’re browsing the wrong site? We’ve already done the rough calculations on our trusty and abacus and the numbers don’t really make sense to us because we don’t know how an abacus works but rest assured, we’ll never be able to afford it.